President's Desk

Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai

It is pleasure and an honor for me to welcome you to the MACET website.

I still remember way back in 1985, when Hon’ble Justice S. Sarwar Ali came over to my humble residence to first discuss the issue of establishing a minority technical college. It took nearly two years for this formalities to be concluded and MACET became a reality in 1987.

A lot of eminent personalities from the administrative and academic fields have put in their sweat and labour to bring this institution to its present status. I salute their memory.

Today I am proud to say that with the blessing of Almighty Allah we are the best Engineering College in Bihar in the private sector. This is not to convey that we don’t have problems and deficiencies but the struggle is on and Insha’Allah we shall take MACET to greater heights in the days to come.